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Pasture Raised Eggs
What Are Pasture Raised Eggs?

Pasture raised eggs are nutritious, delicious eggs that
come from hens that are raised on pasture.

The hens travel in mobile housing and are protected from predators
by moveable electrified netting.
Along with all of the fresh grass and pasture they can eat,
we also offer them local grains, including corn, roasted soybeans and oats.


Spring, Summer and Fall...


Winter Housing

Why Choose Pasture Raised Eggs?
Pasture-Raised Eggs Have Been Shown To Have:

25% Less Saturated Fat
33% Less Cholesterol
67% More Vitamin A
2 Times More Omega-3 Fatty Acids
3 Times More Vitamin E
4 to 6 Times As Much Vitamin D
7 Times More Beta Carotene
Than Typical Supermarket Eggs.

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