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Food For Thought

Enjoy Products from Sheepdog Farms while Shopping/Dining
in Greater Lafayette and other Cities!

Sunspot Natural Market:
Visit one of their stores today!

AJ's Burgers and Beef (West & South):
Experience Amazing Chicago-Style Foods and Support a Local Business!

Public Greens Urban Kitchen:
Experience Extraordinary Cuisine in Indianapolis Today!

Support Local Farms and Vendors in Lafayette!

Mad Mushroom Pizza:
Enjoy Excellent Pizza Lafayette Today!

Sweet Revolution Bake Shop:
Enjoy Great Baked Goods and Support a Local Small Business!

Lafayette Farmers Market:
Support Local Farms and Vendors in Lafayette Every Saturday!

Restauration / La Scala Restaurants:
Support Local Restaurants and Experience Farm to Fork in Lafayette.

Lafayette Brewing Company:
Experience the Best Brew and Food in Lafayette Today!

Caveman Truck:
Enjoy Great Mobile Paleo Food and Support a Local Small Business!

Remington Meats
Support The Best Processor In The Region.

"...You Are What Your Food Eats..."
Inspired by the following, and by the grace of God to have the land, means and providence to raise and process real food, we offer these links as food for thought:

Michael Pollan: (buy his books!)
Speaking at Williams College: Book "The Omnivore's Delima"
Speaking at Google: Book "In Defense of Food"
Serious Sustainability
Speaking at the Long Now Foundation "Deep Agrigulture"
Mother Nature Network "State Of The Movement"

Joel Salatin: (buy his books!)
Speaking on Food Safety at Portand, OR
Speaking about Food Choice
Mother Earth News Article: "Everything he wants to do is illegal"

Mother Earth News Articles:
Free Range vs. Pastured Chicken and Eggs
Eggciting News

Other Pastured, Sustainable and Grass Fed Farms in Indiana:
Eat Wild - Indiana

Movie Recommendations:
Food, Inc.                   Fresh
The Future Of Food           King Corn

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