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Pasture Based Farming
What is Pasture-Based Farming?
Pasture-Based Farming is:
Disciplined, orchestrated, rotational grazing of animals on natural, herbaceous,
grassy pasture which both symbiotically benefits and respects the animals,
pasture, soil, environment and ecosystem.
Why Pasture-Based Farming?
Animals graze areas of pasture, receiving all of the benefits of the nutrition
from the pasture plants, soil, insects, fresh air and sunshine.

Rotational grazing ensures excellent animal hygeine as they are moved
away from their waste. Rotation also ensures that the pasture is not
negatively impacted by over-grazing.

The pasture plants receive the benefits of natural animal fertilization,
grazing induced root-shed and natural coexistence of a multitude of herbaceous species
within the pasture, promoting bountiful growth of multiple beneficial plant types.

The environment benefits from the natural processes of pasture-based farming:
- No herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, synthetic fetilizers or soil treatments are used.
- No chemicals or denatured fertilizers are carried into the watershed.
- Very minimal fuel (carbon footprint) is expended caring for the pasture-based process.
- Acres of healthy, bountiful pasture growth serves to sequester harmful
carbon from the environment.

Are You Certified Organic?
We are not certified Organic - and we refuse to lower our standards
in order to meet the organic label.

The term "Organic" is governed by the USDA, and many large corporations desire this label
to increase costs to well-intentioned but unsuspecting or uninformed consumers.
The strict governmental standards now provide for the use of many harmful and dangerous
synthetic substances and harmful practices.

For the official list of approved substances and practices, Click Here (you'll be amazed).
Many worse conditions apply to the terms "Cage-Free", "Free-Range" and "Vegetarian Fed".

For example, if you see a product labeled, "Organic, Cage Free, Free Range, Vegetarian Fed":
These birds very likely were debeaked, vaccinated, suffering over-crowding in tens of thousands
to a barn, never seeing the light of day, breathing their own fecal dust, consuming arsenic,
and ultimately processed en masse using chlorine dips...
But at least they were fed only 'organic' grains - so that's healthy, right?

We prefer to raise and process our animals with much higher standards
and with the utmost respect for the animals and the environment.
This often requires more effort on our part, but the benefit is enjoyed in the high quality,
nutritional content and excellent taste of our products.

How Do I Choose The Best?
Meet the people that raise your food.
Talk to them.
Question them.
Visit them.
You are what your food eats - find out how yours are raised and processed.
Don't lower your expectations - have them meet or exceed yours.
And as always... please feel free to Contact Us any time with any questions you have.

- Teresa and Jason (the Warners) at Sheepdog Farms
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